Born and raised in New York City, Danny Matos was a kid who just happened to fall in love with poetry and hip hop. It wasn't until a few short years ago that he started to pursue the dream he kept inside since he was a teenager. He found himself tired, anxious, unhappy, and lacking passion because he knew he had so much to say and was always captivated by writing. When he began writing, he started finding the stories he had repressed for the majority of his life. He started to find the drive behind his desire to make this world a better place. As soon as he started sharing his art, he noticed that the things he thought separated him from everyone else were the things that actually brought him closer to them. It was then that he understood words can either be bridges or missiles, and he chose the former.  

Danny is an artist with a heart. He brings sincerity and transparency to both the written word and the stage in an effort to either touch those that find a piece of them and their voice within him, or to inspire those harboring a dream inside of themselves. His topics encompass all elements of the human experience. He offers a fresh and unfiltered perspective to an ever-changing genre that’s responsible for the will to live and happiness of so many people worldwide. He has an audacious drive, and he makes art that either directly encompasses his own experiences or relates to the world at large. He is not afraid to show his flaws or his true feelings even at the expense of leaving himself completely vulnerable.

Danny is interested in showing the dualities of being human in a time when we’ve been conditioned to feel less. He explores his identity (or lack thereof) as a person and an artist, and he isn’t afraid to ask the difficult and controversial questions that can add important dialogue to bring about real change. He is an honors graduate of St. John’s University, and he’s continued his education through his own personal pursuit of truth. He explores his challenging upbringing, personal demons, awarenesses or lack thereof, relationships, responsibilities, and world through distinctly unmatched intensity, passion, and honesty. 

“Words give us a power bigger than ourselves and foster one of humanity’s most precious needs – a genuine sense of human connection to ourselves, each other, and the world at large because we’re all intertwined.”

Danny has conducted writing workshops for various schools and universities through the New York Area. He is also the winner of the 2013 Poetry Idol competition in New York City and well as the 2014 Inspired Word Slam Master Jam Champion. He was also a 2014 and 2015 Finalist in the annual Nuyorican Poet's Cafe Grand Slam. Danny also self-published his own poetry book entitled "Scratching The Surface." 

Danny released his first official EP entitled "The Hangar," entirely produced by Rusty Mack with additional instrumentation from the Red Walrus (both part of hip hop producer Harry Fraud's Surf School) in January 2016 after the successful release of the EP's two lead singles "New Genre" and "Let Go." He has currently released four new singles off his follow-up album entitled "The Tarmac," which are "Fought The Devil," "Stay Together," Too Soon," and "Bring Me." "The Tarmac" will be released on August 26th. Stay tuned.